6000 Series

Series 6000 Circular Saw

  • 91hp CAT Turbo Diesel Engine
  • Available with bar saw that cuts 22″ wood
  • or 54″ circular saw that cuts 23 1/2″ wood
  • 42 ton 6″ Splitter Cylinder
  • Adjustable Splitter Head
  • Auto Cycle Splitter
  • Auto feed Hydraulic Chainsaw
  • 404 Pitch Harvester Chain
  • Air Compressor
  • Single Joystick Control
  • 3 Strand Hydraulic Live Deck
  • Clean Out  Grate
  • Suspension Seat
  • Operators  Stand
  • Tandem 7000 lbs Axles with Brakes
  • Logs up to 30’ in length
  • 8’ Live Deck
  • Splitter Cycle time 4 Seconds
  • 85 Gallon Hydraulic Tank
  • Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • 4 Cords of hardwood per hr (128 cubic feet)
  • In feed Log Trough 18 1/2’

  • Heated Operators Cab
  • 54″ Circular Saw
  • 16’, 24’, 32’ Double Chain Hydraulic Lift  Conveyors   
  • 6 Way Splitter Wedge 
  • 8 Way Splitter Wedge 

The Bells 6000 series is an incredibly efficient and user friendly machine, and comes standard with an air fired splitter cylinder and auto feed hydraulic chainsaw.  In 91hp trim our 6000 series has a block to block cycle time of 4 seconds, which is faster than most circular saws on the market today.  It also features a hydraulic line deck that holds almost 2.5 bush cord.The construction is second to none, and our attention to detail is relentless. This is the direct result of our design team’s real world experience working in the bush, on rough terrain, and with some of the hardest and dirtiest wood out there.

Anyone experienced in cutting wood knows that no two logs are the same, and some logs will require more attention and handling than others to produce the quality firewood your customers will want.The Bell’s Processors try to combine the best of many features, a fast operating cycle, easy access for the operator to adjust logs in the splitter channel, and an adjustable splitter head for optimum splitting.

Because when it comes right down to it, it’s the quality of your final product that makes all the difference in returning customer loyalty.





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